The Blog

Oh man. So I started a blog. Now I guess I should write stuff in it huh? Fine. Here goes the first post.

A few thoughts. I’ve been playing a lot with Octopress recently. We just launched the new AllPlayers Dev Blog built using just that. The main idea was just to output an RSS feed for our podcasts, but we decided to write dev stuff there as well.

I do see the appeal. I most definitely prefer the fully version controlled, markdown preview automatic Octopress. And with a single command your site is pushed to github and live. The templating is much better (sorry Drupal render arrays), and the built in SASS is also a win. However, when I tried to add in a new feature, it turned out to be such a pain. I had to dig through so many different template files, mess with Mustache templating (I think that’s what they use), just to get it working.

I also can’t push APIs out of Octopress, consume feeds, or just mess around just for fun. It’s limiting.

On the other hand, as I’m writing this post (in the Drupal editing interface by the way), I am truly appreciating the fact that to add the wonderful trash can image only took me a few clicks. But I don’t appreciate that I can’t preview my markdown before I save it (or hit the preview button which I never use).

So, before writing this, my brain that hates writing stuff and likes writing code started churning and thinking about how I can merge static html generation of Octopress with the flexibility of Drupal. The answer at first seems pretty clear. Feeds. So I’ve been toying with the idea of generating a feed from and pulling it into this site.

Yes yes, there will probably be duplicate SEO content. Damn it. But I can always get around that with a few tags. There will also be a pain the ass of maintaining 2 websites. Well Octopress isn’t too much to maintain (compared to Drupal at least. Op gotta update a module). Plus, if I can figure out a way to mess with github to redirect any non-feed requests back to this site, I’m in the clear.

The only thing I haven’t really thought of is how to get posts written here back to Octopress. That would be a doozy. Have to think about that one.

Oh well, just a rant. Hope you guys like reading stuff I write. I decided not to be anal about my writing here, and just to let it spew.