Learning Git

I designed this page to be an updated resource for people that want to learn git.

If you do NOTHING else:

For those that know, and just want a cheatsheet:

But if you REALLY want to learn:

The first thing you need to do when learning git is to go through the excellent Try Github tutorial that GitHub and CodeSchool developed. You will also want to make a GitHub account. GitHub is NOT git, but it’s a way for you to collaborate with others on various projects.

That should give you a good base. Next, I’d recommend reading the Git Parable. This is a written story that relates how git works to real life. Useful for understanding how git works.

To continue on your journey, I will point you to GitHub. I mentioned this earlier, but if you haven’t listened to me, please go ahead and make an account:

Github has a great guides section. You can review them all, but I will recommend some for you, in order of how (I believe) you should take them:

Now, that “Mastering Markdown” one, I actually end up sharing a lot. That’s because Markdown isn’t just used on GitHub, but it’s used a ton of places on the internet. The reason why Markdown is great is a whole different blog post, but I suggest going through that one for sure.

Happy Learning! Remember – git is a tool that will help you be awesome not just when writing code, but when writing prose as well! This blog runs on GitHub!